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2016Computer Data Analysis and Modeling: Theoretical and Applied Stochastics: Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference (September 6-10, 2016, Minsk)-
6-Sep-2016Methodological Approaches to the Reflection of Environmental Assets in SEEA and NAMEASoshnikova, L. A.
6-Sep-2016Micro-Entities and Small Enterprises Surveys in BelarusBokun, N.
6-Sep-2016ICA and Stochastic Volatility ModelsMatilainen, M.; Miettinen, J.; Nordhausen, K.; Oja, H.; Taskinen, S.
6-Sep-2016Statistical Analysis of Discrete Spatio-Temporal Data by Conditional Autoregressive ModelsKharin, Yu. S.; Zhurak, M.
6-Sep-2016Comparison of Partially Ranked ListsStoimenova, E.
6-Sep-2016On Stochastic Perturbation Method for Estimation of High Dimensional MatrixHoang, H. S.; Baraille, R.
6-Sep-2016Expected Error Rates in Classification of Gaussian CAR ObservationsDucinskas, K.; Dreiziene, L.
6-Sep-2016A Rank-Sum Test for Clustered Data When the Number of Subjects in a Group within a Cluster is InformativeDatta, Somnath; Dutta, Sandipan
6-Sep-2016Modern Empirical Likelihood ConceptsGurevich, G.; Vexler, A.; Zhao, Y.
6-Sep-2016Some Remarks on the Noncentral Pearson Statistics DistributionsFilina, M. V.; Zubkov, A. M.
6-Sep-2016Exact D-optimal Designs Experiments for Linear Model with Heteroscedastic ObservationsKirlitsa, V. P.
6-Sep-2016Evaluation of Expectation of a Class of Poisson FunctionalsEgorov, A. D.
6-Sep-2016Statistical Analysis of Markov Chains with the Periodically Changed Transition Probability MatricesOrlova, E. N.
6-Sep-2016On the Sequential Chi-Square TestSavelov, M. P.
6-Sep-2016Robust Estimation Approach for Hazardous Concentration Levels Using Species Sensitivity DistributionMonti, G. S.; Filzmoser, P.; Deutsch, R.
6-Sep-2016Mixed Power Variations with Statistical ApplicationsMishura, Yu. S.
6-Sep-2016Data Depth and its Applications in ClassificationVencalek, O.
6-Sep-2016Significance Level Analysis for Adaptive Algorithm of Stationary Poisson Stream ProcessingNikitsionak, V. I.; Bachar, A. M.
6-Sep-2016Asymptotic Optimality of the Chi-Square Test in the Class of Permutation-Invariant TestsChibisov, D. M.