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2015Spin 1 Particle in the Magnetic Monopole Potential for Minkowski and Lobachevsky Spaces: Nonrelativistic ApproximationVeko, O. V.; Kazmerchuk, K. V.; Ovsiyuk, E. M.; Kisel, V. V.; Ishkhanyan, A. M.; Red’kov, V. M.
2015Simulation of Long GSO Crystals for the COMET ExperimentKalinnikov, V.; Velichevay, E.
2015Polarization Transformation of Singular Light Beams upon Four– and Six–Wave MixingGorbach, D. V.; Nazarov, S. A.; Romanov, O. G.; Tolstik, A. L.
2015Radiation from a Circular String of Periodically Distributed Dipoles under Local Excitation at Superluminal VelocityArkhipov, R. M.; Babushkin, I.; Belov, P. A.; Tolmachev, Yu. A.; Arkhipov, M. V.
2015Generation of Bessel Plasmons in Epsilon—Near–Zero MetamaterialsKurilkina, S. N.; Binhussain, M. A.; Belyi, V. N.; Kazak, N. S.
2015Formation of Singular and Bessel Light Beams using Electrically Controlled Liquid Crystal Diffractive ElementsKazak, A. A.; Melnikova, E. A.; Romanov, O. G.; Tolstik, A. L.
2015Semimetals with Fermi Velocity A˙ected by Exchange Interactions: Two Dimensional Majorana Charge CarriersGrushevskaya, H. V.; Krylov, G.
2015Effect of Weak Dissipation on The Dynamics of Multidimensional Hamiltonian SystemsFelk, E. V.; Savin, A. V.; Kuznetsovy, A. P.
2015Cycle Stabilization by One and Two Delay Feedback ControlBogaevskaya, V.; Kashchenko, I.
2015How Analyzing the Interictal EEG Can Identify the EpilepsyPanischev, O. Yu.; Demin, S. A.; Panischeva, S. N.; Bhattacharya, J.