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2002A new method for calculation of crystal susceptibilities for X-ray diffraction at arbitrary wavelengthFeranchuk, Ilya D.; Gurskii, L. I.; Komarov, L. I.; Lugovskaya, O. M.; Burgazy, F.; Ulyanenkov, A.
2005Anomalous scattering method in crystallography on the basis of parametric X-radiationFeranchuk, Ilya D.; Ulyanenkov, A.
2002Control of the atom (nucleus) lifetime in the excited state by means of a low-frequency external fieldFeranchuk, Ilya D.; Komarov, L. I.; Ulyanenkov, A.
2003Description of x-ray reflection and diffraction from periodical multilayers and superlattices by the eigenwave methodFeranchuk, Ilya D.; Feranchuk, S. I.; Minkevich, A. A.; Ulyanenkov, A.
2000Interference of parametric X-ray and coherent Bremsstrahlung radiation from nonrelativistic electrons: application to the phase analysis in crystallographyFeranchuk, Ilya D.; Ulyanenkov, A.
2008Long-range scans and many-beam effects for high-resolution x-ray diffraction from multilayered structures: Experiment and theoryAlexeeva (Ulyanenkova), Tatjana; Benediktovitch, A. I.; Feranchuk, Ilya D.; Baumbach, T.; Ulyanenkov, A.
2009X-ray dynamical diffraction from partly relaxed epitaxial structuresBenediktovitch, A. I.; Feranchuk, Ilya D.; Ulyanenkov, A.
2000Parametric x-ray radiation and coherent bremsstrahlung from nonrelativistic electrons in crystalsFeranchuk, Ilya D.; Ulyanenkov, A.; Harada, J.; Spence, J. C. H.
2011Influence of Surface Roughness on Evaluation of Stress Gradients in CoatingsBenediktovitch, A. I.; Guerault, H.; Feranchuk, Ilya D.; Uglov, V.; Ulyanenkov, A.
2015Characterization of dislocations in germanium layers grown on (011)- and (111)-oriented silicon by coplanar and noncoplanar X-ray diffractionBenediktovitch, A. I.; Zhylik, Alexei; Ulyanenkova, Tatjana; Myronov, Maksym; Ulyanenkov, A.