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2018Comparative characteristics of refuse derived fuel for use in cement kilnsShcherbina, E.; Fursa, Y.; Narkevitch, I.
2018Climate change on the example of glazed frost in the territory of the Republic of BelarusBerezhkova, K.
2018HeliobiologyKononov, P.; Telyazhevich, V.
2018Local environmental monitoring on OJSC «Rechitsa metizny plant»Zuro, K.; Rodzkin, A.
2018Global climate change in the context of sustainable development goalsIhnatovich, A.
2018Plant uptake of radiocaesium – potential for remediate radiocontaminated soilsZhuraukou, Y.; Goncharova, N.
2018Estimation of the spatial distribution of the populations of common adder, the development of the places with the high number, promising for organizing the tradeVolosovich, A.; Mitsura, D.; Khandogiy, A.
2018Structure and content of server database of renewable energy equipment and potential of renewable energy sourcesMoroz, A.; Tonkonogov, B.
2018Newton's geniusYakshevich, S.; Demidchik, V.; Krasovsky, V.
2018Sustainable development in international water lawZmachinskaya, M.
2018Solar flares and their prediction methodsVasilevskaya, D.; Boyarkin, О.
2018Social and environmental, ethical and pedagogical problems in accordance with A. D. Sakharov’s ideasAstreyko, A.; Kot, E.
2018Features of ecology of wetland birds of the Svisloch river in Minsk metropolisZhilkevich, A.; Khandohiy, A.
2018HardnessPetran, M.; Gerasimchuk, I.; Krasovsky, V.
2018Assessment of the greenhouse gas emissions in the sector «Land use, land use change and forestry»Kankova, V.; Narkevitch, I.
2018The steel as part of historyZhuraukou, Y.; Bandarchyk, R.; Krasovskiy, V.
2018Actual Environmental Problems : Proceedings of the VIII International Scientific Conference of young scientists, graduates, master and PhD students, November 22–23 2018, Minsk, Republic of Belarus/ ISEI BSU; edited by S. A. Maskevitch, S. S. Poznjak-
2018The role of the media in the process of formation of ecological consciousnessDovydenko, E.; Lepskaya, N.
2018Influence of adverse factors of ecological environment on person’s psychological and mental healthKazlova, A.; Kharytanovic, A.
2018Exploitation of the cross-border natural resources: environmental and legal dimensionsGorskaya, V.; Undrul, A.; Luchina, V.