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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Evaluation of Genotoxic Effects of Needle-Like TiO2 Nanoparticles in Human Lymphocytes in vitro by Sister Chromatid Exchange AssayKorkmaz, Nur; Yüzbaşioğlu, Deniz; Ünal, Fatma
2017Determination of Impact of Mycotoxin Enniatin-A on DNA Damage using Comet Assay in vitroMamur, Sevcan; Ünal, Fatma; Erikel, Esra; Yüzbaşioğlu, Deniz
2017Application of Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) to Detect Genotoxic Effect of Sodium PropionateAtaseven, Nazmiye; Ünal, Fatma; Çelebi Keskin, Ayten; Yüzbaşioğlu, Deniz
2017Evaluation of the Genotoxic Effects of Monopotassium Glutamate In Human Lymphocytes in vitro By Sister Chromatid Exchange TestAvuloğlu-Yilmaz, Ece; Ünal, Fatma; Yüzbaşioğlu, Deniz
2017Assessment of Food Preservative Potassium Propionate (E283) Genotoxicity in Human Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes Using Micronucleus TestAtaseve, Nazmiye; Yüzbaşioğlu, Deniz; Ünal, Fatma
2017Assesment of Luteolin Genotoxicity and Antigenotoxicity Using Sister Chromatid Exchage Assay In vitroErikel, Esra; Yüzbaşioğlu, Deniz; Ünal, Fatma
2017Assessment of The Possible Genotoxicity of Magnesium Diglutamate, a Food Additive, By Micronucleus Test in Human LymphocytesAvuloğlu-Yilmaz, Ece; Ünal, Fatma; Yüzbaşioğlu, Deniz
2017Evaluation of Fusaric Acid Genotoxicity using Chromosomal Aberration Assay in Human LymphocytesMamur, Sevcan; Yüzbaşioğlu, Deniz; Erikel, Esra; Yilmaz, Serkan; Ünal, Fatma
2017Genotoxic Effects of Environmental Contaminant Methidathion and Triadimenol PesticidesÜnal, Fatma; Demir, Hülya; Yüzbaşioğlu, Deniz