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2017Determination Antioxidant Activities of Different Solvent Extracts From Verbascum glomeratum Boiss.Rakhimzhanova, Akgul; Aydin, Cigdem; Mammadov, Ramazan; Tischenko, Olga
2017Determination of ABTS Radical Cation Scavenging and Metal Chelating Activity of Three Convolvulus L. SpeciesÖzay, Cennet; Mammadov, Ramazan
2017In vitro Nitric Oxide Scavenging Activity of Ethanolic Tuber Extracts of Six Cyclamen L. Taxa from TurkeyÖzay, Cennet; Mammadov, Ramazan; Palecz, Bartlomiej
2017Evaluation of in vitro Antioxidant Activity of Datura stramonium L. Ethanolic Leaf ExtractÖzay, Cennet; Alper, Mehlika; Mammadov, Ramazan; Güneş, Hatice
2017NO Inhibitory Activity from the Aerial Parts of Convolvulus aucheri in LPS-activated H1975 and HCC78 cellsKaragür, Ege Riza; Özay, Cennet; Akça, Hakan; Mammadov, Ramazan
2017Effects of Cyclamen graecum and Prospero autumnale on growth performance of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)Emre, Yılmaz; Güroy, Derya; Mammadov, Ramazan; Düşen, Olcay; Yalim, F. Banu; Emre, Nesrin; Karadal, Onur; Aydin, Çiğdem
2017Biolarvacidal and Antioxidant Activity of Cyclamen parviflorumTuran, Murat; Mammadov, Ramazan
2017Antioxidant Activity and Total Phenolic Content of Sternbergia candidaRakhimzhanova, Akgul; Kilincarslan, Ozge; Mammadov, Ramazan
2017Characterization of Soil and Erysimum kotschyanum Gay. Samples from Honaz MountainKilincarslan, Ozge; Mammadov, Ramazan
2017Evaluation of Antioxidant Properties and Phenolic Compounds of Asparagus acutifoliusDeniz, Nahide; Kaska, Arzu; Mammadov, Ramazan; Tischenko, Olga