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Title: Химическое и электрохимическое осаждение металлов, сплавов и металл-оксидных композитов на непроводящие подложки
Authors: Степанова, Лариса Ивановна
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Мінск : БДУ
Citation: Выбраныя навуковыя працы Беларускага Дзяржаўнага універсітэта : У 7 т. Т. 5 : Хімія / Рэдкал.: В. В. Свірыдаў (адказ. рэд.) і інш. - Мінск, 2001. - с.196-215
Abstract: The review summarizes results of the investigations in the area of nonsilver photography and continuous and selective deposition of metals, alloys and composites from aqueous solutions on nonconductive substrates that took several years. The main direction of the research was the development of the principles of photographi c imaging on copper - containing photolayers with nonsilver development. The nontraditional methods of dielectric substrates surface activation before metal deposition wer e created on the bases of these principles. The review also present the ways to control and manage composition, structure and properties of deposited from solutions metals, alloys and composites.
URI: http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/105902
ISBN: 985-445-534-3 (Т. 5)
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