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Title: Акусто-ферментативный тромболизис: влияние ультразвуковой обработки на молекулярные свойства стрептокиназы и автоактивацию предшественников сериновых протеиназ
Authors: Шкуматов, Владимир Макарович
Овсянко, Сергей Леонидович
Лесникович, Юлия Анатольевна
Чернявский, Евгений Анатольевич
Адзерихо, Игорь Эдуардович
Мрочек, А. П.
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Мінск : БДУ
Citation: Выбраныя навуковыя працы Беларускага Дзяржаўнага універсітэта : У 7 т. Т. 5 : Хімія / Рэдкал.: В. В. Свірыдаў (адказ. рэд.) і інш. - Мінск, 2001. - с.460-468
Abstract: The continuous ultrasonic (US) processing within 10 minutes is not accompanied by change of structural and functional properties of streptokinase. The increase of continuous US-treatment (10-60 minutes) is accompanied by disturbance of structural organization of streptokinase and irreversible partial aggregation of protein. Ultrasound modified streptokinase promotes an autoactivation of plasminogen. Simultaneously in a streptokinase molecule additional site accessible for proteolytic cleavage by a plasmin appeared. The increase of an exponential phase and decreasing of the rate of zymogens autoactivation process at US-processing is revealed. From four proteins (chymotrypsinogen, trypsinogen, chymotrypsin and trypsin), participating in a proteolytic autoactivation, most sensitive to the US treatment is trypsin.
URI: http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/106257
ISBN: 985-445-534-3 (Т. 5)
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