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2016Methods to reduce network load when transmitting computer images in real timeIvanov, A.; Assanovich, B.; Aleksyuk, D.
2016Efficient organization of rendering process on graphics pipelineKrasnoproshin, V. V.; Mazouka, D.
2016Superpixel co-occurrence for quantitative description of biomedical ImagesLiauchuk, V.; Kovalev, V.
2016Research of recognition of the imposed flat objects on dimensionless marks of their contoursSadykov, S. S.; Kulkov, Y. Yu.
2016Hyperspectral data compression framework for Earth remote sensing objectivesPodenok, L.; Pertsev, D.
2016Mivar technologies in knowledge representation and reasoningVarlamov, O. O.; Danilkin, I. A.; Shoshev, I. A.
2016Reduction of feature space dimension based on separability criterionNemirko, A.
2016Decision support systems and plant phenomicsValvachev, A. N.; Krasnoproshin, V. V.; Mikhalchenko, A. A.
2016High dynamic range SAR image compression for visualizationStarovoitov, V.
2016Interpolating rational Bezier spline surfaces with local shape controlPobegailo, A. P.
2016Semi-supervised clustering with active constraint selectionNovoselova, N. A.; Tom, I. E.
2016Multiresolution statistical analysis of DNAVoloshko, V. A.; Medved, E. A.; Kharin, Yu. S.
2016Classification and Prediction of the Gaming Activity States in Online- Games Based on the Regime Switching ModelsMalugin, V.; Babakhin, Y.
2016Generalized gradient: basic principles and example applicationKovalev, V.; Snezhko, E.; Kharuzhyk, S.; Liauchuk, V.
2016Recognition algorithms based on the cluster structuresKrasnoproshin, V. V.; Rodchenko, V. G.
2016On the smart trees and competence areas based decision forestDonskoy, V. I.
2016The method of allotment of competence areas for private classifiersDorogov, A. Yu.
2016Identify diabetic retinopathy by color texturesHolly Vo; Abhishek Verma
2016Novel approach for medical diagnostics: models, technology and systemsKrasnoproshin, V. V.; Obraztsov, V.; Shut, O.
2016Application of Fuzzy Decision Trees in Construction of Mathematical Model for Reliability Analysis based on Uncertain DataZaitseva, E.; Levashenko, V.