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2016Development of machine vision-based system for Iron ore grade prediction using gaussian process regression (GPR)Ashok Kumar Patel; Amit Kumar Gorai; Snehamoy Chatterjee
2016Lung image Ssgmentation using deep learning methods and convolutional neural networksKalinovsky, A.; Kovalev, V.
2016Deep learning with theano, torch, caffe, tensorflow, and deeplearning4J: which one is the best in speed and accuracy?Kovalev, V.; Kalinovsky, A.; Kovalev, S.
2016Deep neural networks: a theory, application and new trendsGolovko, V.
2016Methods to reduce network load when transmitting computer images in real timeIvanov, A.; Assanovich, B.; Aleksyuk, D.
2016Sensorical aspect of the temporal data architecture -- pointer layerKvet, M.; Matiasko, K.
2016Fuzzy knowledge based system for planning and optimization of tanker-refueler routesKondratenko, G. V.; Kondratenko, N. Y.; Kondratenko, Y. P.
2016Artifacts: False Contours Detection and SmoothingZakharoff, A.
2016Semantic-based approach to web information processing.Bobkov, A.; Gafurov, S.; Krasnoproshin, V. V.; Vissia, H.
2016Watermarking Pattern Recognition in Channels with Substitution and Bursty Insertion and Deletion ErrorsAssanovich, B.; Vicenc Almenar Terre; Felipe L. Penaranda-Foixces
2016Classless Logical Regularities and Outliers DetectionDokukin, A.
2016Multi-agent control framework for multi-wheeled mobile platformsDziomin, V.; Golovko, V.; Stetter, R.
2016Reversible image merging for low-level machine visionKharinov, M.
2016Reduction of the spectral feature space dimension in the multiclass problem of ECG-signals recognitionManilo, L.; Nemirko, A.
2016The algorithm for monitoring of evolution of stem cellsNedzvedz, O.; Ablameyko, Sergey V.; Belotserkovsky, A.
2016Product stock management: "Calculating stock provision with triangular fuzzy numbers"Adriana Santos Caballero; Jaime Gil-Lafuente; Maria Luisa Sole Moro
2016Dynamic clustering for skin detection in YCbCr colour spaceBrancati, N.; Frucci, M.; De Pietro, G.; Gallo, L.
2016Image stitching algorithm for description of integrated circuit layoutsAvakaw, S.; Doudkin, A.; Marushko, Ya.; Voronov, A.
2016Vascular structures extraction by background normalizationHancharou, D.; Nedzved, A.; Ablameyko, S. V.
2016Neural networks and largest Lyapunov exponent for automatic epileptic seizure detection in EEGsGolovko, V.; Artsiomenka, S.; Kistsen, V.; Evstigneev, V.