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2016The impact of information technologies on contemporary societyBogdanyuk, E.; Dumcheva, A.; Kononchuk, N.; Olevskaya, I.; Sybbota, E.
2016On the issue of the restoration of air quality in the Republic of BelarusBatalevich, N.; Luchina, V.
2016The happy planet index in BelarusBushkevich, N.; Sivagrakau, A.
2016The problem of overproduction of food resources and methods of its solutionGalitskaya, E.; Kuzina, L.; Tretyak, G.
2016The experience of the implementation of additional educationwithin a solution of environmental safety issuesPlatun, E.; Kapustina, T.; Zhuk, E.
2016Ecological and economic problems of the world oceanGaikova, E.; Kuzina, L.; Surint, T.
2016Respect to any life form as the way to more humane alternativeBoika, M.; Merkulova, I.; Mamaiko, A.
2016Some problems of ecological educationBrinkevich, A.; Bonohova, Y.; Olevskaya, I.
2016Actual Environmental Problems: the proceedings of the VI-th International scientific conference for young scientists, PhD students, Master’s degree students and students (in English), Minsk, November 24–25, 2016-
2016The analysis of the dynamics of the incidence of respiratory diseases of the population of the Republic of Belarus in 2006-2014Lutchenko, V.
2016Karyological peculiarities of cell populations in the thyroid gland in people exposed to radiationIsachenko, E.; Nikonovich, S.; Melnov, S.; Nadyrov, E.
2016Biochemical characteristics submerged mycelium of fungi of the genus cordycepsLobay, M.; Ikonnikova, N.; Puchkova, T.
2016Study of anabolic agents metabolism using in vitro system of human hepatocyte cell lineHuliuta, I.; Shynhel, A.
2016The functioning of thyroid system in the cases of a systemic sclerodermaGerasimovich, A.
2016Analysis of health and pregnancy outcome of patients of ivf programGribovich, R.; Kamlyuk, A.; Kokorina, N.
2016Construction of strains, producing recombinant deoxynucleoside kinase, containing in their srtucture chitin-binding domainMishura, A.; Rymko, A.; Kvach, S.; Zinchenko, A.
2016Molecular-biological markers of colorectal cancerModuleva, E.; Shpadaruk, E.; Smolyakova, R.; Gritsai, N.
2016The state of medical and sanitary care for the rural population of the Republic of BelarusKuznetsova, E.; Sinelyova, M.
2016Molecular genetic reseach of melanomaMasliukova, V.; Shpadaruk, K.; Smolyakova, R.
2016Osteoarthritis biomarkersMarkevich, M.; Koktysh, I.; Gritsai, N.