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Title: Пространственная корреляция радиационных дефектов в слаболегированных кристаллах кремния
Other Titles: Spatial correltion of radiation defects in lightly doped silicon crystals / L. F. Makarenko
Authors: Макаренко, Л. Ф.
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Минск : БГУ
Citation: Взаимодействие излучений с твердым телом: Материалы III междунар. науч. конф., 6-8 окт. 1999 г., Минск: В 2 ч. Ч.1. — Мн.: БГУ, 1999. — С. 139-141.
Abstract (in another language): Hall-effect measurements at temperatures 78+300 K have been performed in Czochralski-grown crystals irradiated with Co-60 gamma-rays. Using least-square procedure the distribution of electrons among energy levels of the oxygen-vacancy complex (А-center) have been investigated. It has been shown that А-center cannot be considered as a single-level isolated point defect. In as-grown crystals A-centers are coupled in pairs. Spatial correlation of А-centers is suggested to be due to local strain field caused by structural imperfections.
URI: http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/204403
ISBN: 985-445-236-0
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