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Title: Monte Carlo Simulation of Fluctuations in Heavy-Ion Collisions for QGP – Hadron First-Order Phase Transitions
Authors: Babichev, L. F.
Rusak, Yury
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Minsk : Education and Upbringing
Citation: Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems. - 2018. - Vol. 21, N 2. - P. 172 - 177
Abstract: The event-by-event fluctuations of suitably chosen observables in heavy ion collisions can give us an information about QGP – hadron phase transitions. Those event-by-event signatures of phase transitions in the vicinity of the critical point will exhibit nonmonotonic dependence on control parameters. We investigate the behaviour of multiplicity fluctuations by Monte Carlo simulation in the region of high baryon-chemical potentials where the transition to QGP is of the 1st order. During 1st order phase transition, large fluctuations of observables in the vicinity of the phase transition are expected. In this paper we propose the modification of Monte Carlo generators to take in account the growth of fluctuations near the 1st order phase transition. This method can be used to get information on signatures of phase transitions in nuclear matter.
URI: http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/231691
ISSN: 1561-4085
Appears in Collections:2018. Volume 21. Number 2

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