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2012Miniaturized conformal printed antennas for wireless communication based on chaotic transceiver: design and comparative analysisUvarov, A.
2012Light propagation in turbid media by phase-sensitive and phase-insensitive numerical methods: application to biological tissuesFanjul-Velez, F.; Romanov, O. G.; Ortega-Quijano, N.; Salas-Garcia, I.; Tolstik, A. L.; Arce-Diego, J. L.
2012Cluster finding in silicon detectorsKolyada, A. M.
2012Spectroscopy of carbon nanotube complexes with oligonucleotides and DNA in thin LB filmsKrot, V. I.; Egorov, A. S.; Egorova, V. P.; Krylova, H. V.; Lipnevich, I. V.; Orekhovskaya, T. I.; Shulitsky, B. G.; Veligura, A. A.
2012Optical pulse dynamics in case of the Laue scheme of Bragg diffraction in metamaterial photonic crystalsNovozhilov, S.; Mantsyzov, B. I.
2012Propagation of Gaussian and singular light beams in photorefractive crystal Bi12TiO20Kornienko, T. A.; Tolstik, A. L.
2012Discriminating Z’ from anomalous gauge coupling signatures in e+e- W+W- at International Linear ColliderAndreev, V. V.; Pankov, A. A.
2012The control of chaotic regimes in encryption algorithm based on dynamic chaosSidorenko, A. V.; Mulyarchik, K. S.
2012Bjorken sum rule analysis: revisedKhandramai, V. L.; Solovtsova, O. P.; Teryaev, O. V.
2012Generalized Finser structures related to Mueller matrices within the Stokes formalismBalan, V.; Red'kov, V.
2012Complete-return spectrum for a generalized Rosen-Zener two-state term crossing modelShahverdyan, T.; Ishkhanyan, T.; Movsesyan, A.; Ishkhanyan, A.
2012Ones upon a Time in the Plane. The Wada Lakes and Vortex Streets Problems are SolvedSerow, Dmitry W.; Sivockon', Svetlana A.; Kowalew, Ivan A.
2012New photocrosslinking polymeric materials for liquid crystal photoalignmentTrofimova, A.; Mahilny, U.; Stankevich, A.; Tolstik, A.; Murauski, A.; Muravsky, A.
2012Local dynamics of the oscillators array in Scott experimentBobok, A.
2012Self-organization of polymetallic coordination LB-complexes of nanocyclic pyrrole-thiophene ligandsLipnevich, I. V.; Grushevskaya, H. V.
2012Bistable regimes in quantum-dot mode-locked laser with optical injectionHabruseva, T.; Hegarty, S.; Vladimirov, A.; Pimenov, A.; Rachinskii, D.; Viktorov, E.; Huyet, G.
2012Distinguishing indirect signatures of new physics at the International linear collider: Z' versus anomalous gauge couplingsPankov, A. A.
2012Exploiting carrier lifetimes for optimizing the dynamic response of quantum-dot lasersLuedge, K.; Lingnau, B.; Scholl, E.
2012Dynamics of an equation with a large spatially distributed controlKashchenko, I.
2012On one time discretization scheme for SDE of special typeZherelo, Anatoly