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Abstracts are devoted to modern problems in chemistry and teaching of chemistry in universities.

Тезисы докладов представляют современные научные проблемы химии и преподавания химии в вузах.

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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 127
PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Opportunities for the development of research competencies of students by means of a modern chemical experiment at schoolBerestnev, A. S.
2021New approaches to organization of on-line education and examination on the example of analytical chemistry at the Belarusian State Medical UniversityBelyatsky, V. N.; Yarantseva, N. D.
2021Professionally oriented profile teaching of chemistry in the system of continuing educationBialnitskaya, A. A.; Arshansky, E. Y.
2021Progress in chemistry and scientists' responsibility for the continuity of the educational systemAvaliani, M. A.; Shapakidze, E. V.; Chagelishvili, V. A.
2021The students´ protagonism on the learning of chemical or physical transformations: contributions of media literacyArroio, А.; Rezende, D. B.; Novais, L. G. B.
2021«Click»-synthesis of 1-benzyl-4-phenyl-1Н-1,2,3-triazole facilitated by copper(II) complex of 1-tert -butyl-(benzoylamino)-1Н-tetrazoleZuraev, A. V.; Bobko, D. O.; Verbilo, C. M.; Budevich, V. A.; Ivashkevich, O. A.
2021Thermodynamic parameters of temozolomideYurkshtovich, Y. N.; Blokhin, A. V.; Stepurko, E. N.
2021Synthesis, structure and properties of polyaldehyde dextranYurkshtovich, T. L.; Pristromova, Y. I.; Holub, N. V.; Kosterova, R. I.
2021Conformation and thermo-responsive properties of polymethacrylate molecular brushes with oligo(ethylene glycol)-block-oligo(propylene glycol) side chains and homopolymerSimonova, М. А.; Nepomnyashaya, M. I.; Leshan, V. V.; Zelentsov, M. D.; Kamorin, D. M.; Kazantsev, O. A.
2021NMR studies of steroids with heterocyclic rings in the side chain and their reductive derivativesSokolov, S. N.; Ladyko, A. S.; Baranovsky, A. V.
2021Design and structure analysis of fusion proteins of bovine DNA exotransferase and E. coli SSB proteinSachanka, A. B.; Yanzevich, A. V.; Dichenko, Y. V.
2021The process of obtaining polyacrylamide-based polymers via frontal polymerization in continuous modeShuliakouskaya, M. B.; Hryniuk, Y. V.
2021Adsorption of serum proteins on LbL films based on chitosan graft copolymers with polyvinyl alcohol and dextran sulfateSharamet, A. A.; Livanovich, K. S.; Shutava, T. G.
2021Thermodynamic properties of 1-benzyl-4-phenyl-1H-1,2,3-triazoleStepurko, E. N.; Blokhin, A. V.; Yurkshtovich, Y. N.; Zuraev, A. V.; Verbilo, C. M.; Charapennikau, M. B.
2021Conductive composites based on copper- and nickel-containing powders deposited from solutions instead of silver pastesKobets, A. V.; Kudaka, A. A.; Novikov, V. P.; Galuza, M. G.; Vorobyova, T. N.
2021Creation of systems of controlled release of biologically active substances for cosmeticPaientko, V.; Matkovsky, A.; Babenko, L.; Romanenko, K.; Yesypchuk, O.; Oranska, O.; Skwarek, E.; Bakaieva, O.; Golovkova, L.; Grebenyuk, A. G.
2021Preparation of complexes based on chitosan-Ag nanocomposite and cephalosporin antibioticsNikalaichuk, V. V.; Kulikouskaya, V. I.; Hileuskaya, K. S.; Kraskouski, A. N.; Agabekov, V. E.
2021Pro/antioxidant effect of non- and proteinogenic amino acids on Cu2+ (Fe2+)-mediated fragmentation of phosphatidylglycerolMilach, O. A.; Ramanishka, E. I.; Soroka, N. G.; Yurkova, I. L.
2021Optimization of sorption properties of cation exchanger FIBAN K-6Medyak, G. V.; Grachek, V. I.; Feshchenko, S. M.; Isakovich, O. I.; Shunkevich, A. A.
2021Development of targeted cosmetic products based on clay / diatomite / vegetable raw composite materialsPaientko, V.; Matkovsky, A.; Babenko, L.; Romanenko, K.; Yesypchuk, O.; Oranska, O.; Skwarek, E.; Bakaieva, O.; Golovkova, L.; Grebenyuk, A. G.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 127