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2018Получение 2D/1DнаногетероструктурCdSe/CdS типа ядро-оболочкаАнтанович, А. В.; Прудников, А. В.; Чувилин, А. Л.; Артемьев, М. В.
2018Особенности синтеза Ag‒Au биметаллических золей в присутствии Na 2 EDTAЖуравков, В. А.; Шевченко, Г. П.; Шишко, Г. В.
2018New concept for active control of Mg corrosion: from resorbable implants to boosting Mg-battery performanceZheludkevich, M. L.; Lamaka, S. V.; Hoeche, D.
2018Role of plasma electrolytic oxidation treatment for in-situ growth of LDH-nanocontainers for active corrosion protection of aluminum alloySerdechnova, M.; Bouali, A.; Karpushenkov, S.; Blawert, C.; Zheludkevich, M. L.
2018Tetrazole derivatives as capping ligands and precursors for nanostructured materialsVoitekhovich, S. V.
2018Design and synthesis of pyrazole amide derivatives assuccinate dehydrogenase inhibitorsSun, N. B.; Lu, Y.; Yu, J.; Wang, S. L.; Ke, W.; Wang, L.
2018Formation enthalpies of five-membered nitrogen-containing aromatic heterocycles. Quantum chemical calculationsMatulis, Vadim E.; Dzianisik, Mikhail G.; Ivashkevich, Oleg A.
2018Solid electrolytes with anionic and cationic conductivity as catalysts for isobutanol conversionMikhalenko, I. I.; Pylinina, A. I.
2018Secondary metabolites from NeosartoryafischeriWang, S. L.; Sun, N. B.; Lu, Y.; Yu, J.; Wang, L.; Ke, W.
2018A green and environmentally-friendly synthetic method for the production of pyridylaldehydesYu, J.; Lu, Y.; Sun, N. B.; Wang, S. L.; Wang, L.; Ke, W.