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2016Tariff Regulation in the Framework of Integration AssociationsBoltochko, Pavel; Болточко, Павел Иванович
2016Policy of the Republic of Belarus in the Field of Security: Impact of Internal and External FactorsShadurski, Victor; Шадурский, Виктор Геннадьевич
2016The Comparative Legal Analysis of the European and Belarusian Laws Conflict within the Sphere of Contractual ObligationsBabkina, Alena; Бабкина, Елена Васильевна
2016Range of Bodies Carrying Out State Administration in the Field of CustomsMartsiusheuskaya, Elena; Мартюшевская, Елена Николаевна
2016The Problems of International Transit of Goods through the Territory of BelarusKudrashou, Mikita; Кудряшов, Никита Георгиевич
2016Actual Trends of Regional Trade Agreements CreationYastreb, Tatiana; Ястреб, Татьяна Анатольевна
2016Distinctive Features of Educational Tourism Development and Its Promotion on the Outbound Tourism Market of the Republic of BelarusKhomich, Svetlana; Kosterova, Natalia; Хомич, Светлана Александровна; Костёрова, Наталия Андреевна
2016“War Against Terror”: Legal Concept?Arefeva, Olga; Арефьева, Ольга Евгеньевна
2016“New Ottomanism” as a Guiding Foreign Policy Doctrine for Modern TurkeySharapo, Alexander; Шарапо, Александр Викторович
2016“The Post-Soviet States in German Foreign Policy (1991–2005)” written by Associate Professor of the International Relations Department of the Belarusian State University Dr. Vladislav FroltsovKudryachenko, Andrii; Кудряченко, Андрей Иванович