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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Cooperation of France and Germany within the Erasmus programLoseva, Eugenia; Лосева, Евгения
2019Die Erforschung der Sowjetkultur in Westdeutschland (1949–1990)Andreeva, Viktoriya; Андреева, Виктория
2019The struggle over the changes in the system of elections to the State Duma and the State Council in the western provinces of the Russian Empire (1906–1911)Lavrinovich, Dmitry; Лавринович, Дмитрий
2019Belarusians in the refection of English-language journalistic materials of the Paris Peace ConferenceDubrouka, Alena; Дубровко, Елена
2019Modernization processes in Belarus in the second half of the XIX – the beginning of the XX cent.: general trends and national featuresKakhanouski, Aliaksandr; Кохановский, Александр
2019Primus Truber/Primož Trubar, ein slawischer Reformator in WürttembergSchindling, Anton; Шиндлинг, Антон
2019Primus Truber-Gedenkorte in SüddeutschlandSchindling, Anton; Шиндлинг, Антон
2019Stalinism: past or future for Belarus and Russia?Menkouski, Viachaslau; Меньковский, Вячеслав
2007Гендерный подход в науках о человеке и обществе: смещение исследовательских парадигмЧикалова, Ирина Ромуальдовна
2019The German reception in the stone architecture of Belarus in XIV–XVIII centuriesNikontschik, Konstantin; Никончик, Константин