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2008Регулятор вырождения, решающий задачу полной управляемости и стабилизации для системы второго порядка с запаздываниемКарпук, В. В.; Метельский, А. В.
2008Функционалы Ляпунова со знакопостоянной производной в условиях равномерной финальной ограниченности для уравнений с запаздываниемКняжище, Л. Б.
2008The Mathematical Model Of Inventory Control With Discrete DemandsJanusauskaite, N.
2008On The Stability Of Invariant Sets Of Functional Differential Equations With Delay imageCorduneanu, C.; Ignatyev, A. O.
2008Direct Numerical Simulation Of The Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence Based On The Least Dissipative ModesDymkou, V.; Potherat, A.
2008Ellipsoidal Techniques In State Estimation Problems For Nonlinear Control Systems Under UncertaintyFilippova, T. F.
2008On Asymptotic Stability Of The Dynamical Systems With Discontinuous SolutionsGladilina, R. I.
2008Dissipation Inequalities In Systems Theory: An Introduction And Recent ResultsAllgower, F.
2008Extremal Structure Of Affine Multivalued MappingsGorokhovik, V. V.
2008A Theorem Of InstabilityKalitine В.; Chabour, R.; Vivalda, J.-C.
2008About Extremality, Stationarity, And RegularityKruger, A. Y.
2008Feedback Stabilization Of Nonlinear Control Systems On Time ScalesPiotrowska, E.; Bartosiewicz, Z.
2008Conditions Of Conic ExtremalityMaisuradze, V. G.; Salukvadze, M. E.
2008On The Observability Of Small Solutions Of Linear Differential-Algebraic Systems With DelaysMarchenko, V. M.; Zaczkiewicz, Z.
2008Port-controlled Hamiltonian Systems With Nonholonomic Constrains Imposed By Control Design ObjectivesPascault, D. P.
2008Reachability Of Cone Fractional Continuous-Time Linear SystemsKaczorek, T.
2008Performance Of Programmed Spatial Paths Of Autonomous Underwater RobotsKiselyov, L. V.
2008On Adaptive Time Series Filtering Based On Stochastic Optimization TechniquePervukhin, A.
2008Global Positional Synthesis And Finite-Time Stabilization Of MIMO Generalized Triangular Systems By Means Of Controllability Function MethodKorobov, V. I.; Pavlichlov, S. S.; Schmidt, W. H.
2008On The Convexity Of Reachable Sets For Certain Control Problems - An ErratumSchmidt, W. H.; Korobow, W.; Sklyar, G.