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2016Stress-induced Rb+ efflux from roots of Arabidopsis thaliana plants lacking functional K+ outwardly-rectifying channel GORKSamokhina, V.; Mackievic, V.; Demidchik, V.
2016NaCl-induced generation of superoxide and DNA breaks in Physcomitrella patensZvanarou, S.; Mackievic, V.; Demidchik, V.
2016Measurements of NaCl-, heavy metal- and hydroxyl radical-induced programmed cell death in Arabidopsis thaliana rootsMackievic, V.; Chychko, A.; Samohina, V.; Sokolik, A.; Demidchik, V.
2016The effect of brassinosteroids on growth and development of Phalenopsis protocorm-like bodiesCharnysh, М.; Batuleu, A. V.; Demidchik, V.
2016Brassinosteroids modify ion channel activities and induce elevation of cytosolic free Ca2+ in roots of higher plantsStraltsova, D.; Chikun, P.; Zvanarou, S.; Demidchik, V.
2016The actin cytoskeleton is a target for NaCl and hydroxyl radicals in Arabidopsis thaliana root cellsDemidchik, V.
2016Polyamines induce programmed cell death in Arabidopsis thaliana rootsChychko, A.; Mackievic, V.; Demidchik, V.
2016The effect of copper nanoparticles on growth, cell viability and signaling processes of wheat plantsKirisiuk, Y.; Mackievic, V.; Zvanarou, S.; Przhevalskaya, D.; Leschenka, Y.; Demidchik, V.
2016Effect of gamma radiation on root growth in Arabidopsis thaliana plants from Chernobyl zone and plants lacking key ion transport and signaling systemsMakavitskaya, М.; Samokhina, V.; Mackievic, V.; Pauliuchenka, V.; Milevich, T.; Tyutereva, E. V.; Voitsekhovskaja, O. V.; Sokolik, А.; Demidchik, V.
2016Nanoparticles induce signalling reactions and affect physiological processes in Arabidopsis thaliana plantsDemidchik, V.; Przhevalskaya, D.; Leshchanka, Y.; Straltsova, D.; Smolich, I.; Sokolik, A.